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A collection of Math T-Shirts



What's the craíc with the t-shirts?

Well, you may have noticed they are heavily inspired by the prints I design. I wanted to provide a way for people to wear something that expresses their love of math, and not in the typical way you most math t-shirts are designed.

I love the notion of someone asking you what the t-shirt is about, starting a conversation around the mathematics involved in the design. Like, for instance, the geometric representation of the infinite sum to four thirds. When someone asks about the t-shirt, you can simply say, “it’s four thirds”.

That’s the key, not only are the t-shirts made to look impressive, they’re also made to remind you of the incredible math behind them.

T-shirts made to look good and feel good...

It’s paramount to me that these t-shirts are comfortable and that the math design holds its’ quality. No matter how good a t-shirt looks nobody wants a scratchy feel or a disproportionate fit.

I’ve personally given these t-shirt a run for their money and can safely say that these math t-shirts are soft and snug against your skin, and they naturally fit well. There’s none of this overly tight sleeves business or tight in the chest and baggy in the waist. Instead it feels almost like a tailored fit throughout.

One of my favourite parts about these t-shirts is that they are made with pre-shrunk fabric. Yeah, I know, not the most exciting of things, but when you’re 6ft 5in like me, to have a perfectly good t-shirt come out of the wash a different size is rather disappointing. With these t-shirts though, that is not the case, I’ve put them through the wash countless times and the fit is as good as every and the maths design remains brilliantly clear.

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