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A collection of Math Prints




Math, Maths, Mathematics… we all might say it differently but one thing is for certain, it’s mighty impressive. So why wouldn’t you design math prints to show it off?

So what is this? Well it’s sort of like a gallery, a solo artist gallery. Occasionally, I’ll add prints designed from work that I’ve done for my YouTube videos. And sometimes I’ll just add prints because I’ve come across, what I think is, a fancy bit of math.

So, welcome! I’m Ciarán.

Now I could tell you that I found my love of math whilst studying for my masters degree in engineering, but that would be a lie. In all honesty, it wasn’t until after Uni that I really started to appreciate the math that I had been exposed to. Mainly because I knew I had never fully understood a lot of it. Hence, the birth of my YouTube channel with the hope of helping other engineering students gain that, much needed, understanding of math sooner rather than, in my case, later.

But, I still wanted to have something physical that would express some of this fancy math I’m talking about. Therefore, I designed these sleek math prints. The designs of which, are inspired by patent print style wall art. And maybe with a hint of a mathematicians black board.

The aim? Design math prints that are the first thing you see when you walk in the room.

So enjoy perusing. I’ll catch up with you in a bit…

What's the motivation behind the prints?

In life we’re rushed through education, cramming math problem after math problem, with little time to appreciate the brilliance of what we’re doing. Most math problems we’ve scribbled down have been to get a grade, and it’s hard at that moment to pause and appreciate the beauty and power of the language we’re using.

However, when we take that moment, that pause, we notice how simply brilliant it is that, by using math, we can describe the world around us. Combine that moment with a dash of artistic flair and you get these math prints.

These prints are like an over the top reaction to when a teacher asks you to “neatly lay out your workings”. And once superbly written out, you sit back and think, “well what do you know, that looks darn impressive”. 

A selection of math prints displayed on a white wall.

How are the prints designed?

By the most part, the prints are inspired by whichever engineering rabbit hole I’ve decided to scurry down. Usually, it comes from doing engineering problems that baffle me or surprise me. It’s also especially nice when the math comes out almost too perfectly, you know, like when you’ve written pages of maths that eventually boil down to a simple expression. Just bliss!

Sometimes I’ll upload a video to YouTube to explain the math behind some interesting problem, or maybe post my understandings/explanation on Instagram. After all this, I’ll pick out a gem of mathematical passage, whip out the digital art tablet, put some tunes on and start calligraphing the engineering, physics or math that inspired me.

The final product: the math print. An incredibly high quality image, capturing every stroke of the nib and displaying an impressive piece of math ready to go on impressing all those that lay eyes on it.

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