The McEvoy Collection

Giving Maths the Limelight

"There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you."

Marriane Williamson

Wall Art brimming with
Maths Vibes

That’s exactly what this collection is. Wall art that’s brimming with mathematical vibes!

Do you know what a Julia set is? Have you ever seen a visualisation of one? ‘Cause if not, I must warn you of some major eye candy within this collection.

And for those that admire maths for maths sake, because, well let’s face it, it itself is art, I have a collection of mathematical design inspired by the brilliant works of mathematicians that have come before me.


Math T-Shirts

You know when you see someone wearing a top showing off a band they love, yeah? Well why don’t you have a T-shirt that shows off what you love? I believe everyone should have a way to express their interests… even Math enthusiasts!

Are you, or someone you know, a math enthusiast? If so, these were made for you! Click the button below and take a look!


The McEvoy Collection is about all of you: the Learner, the aspiring Mathematician, Engineer or Scientist. It’s about those of us that “didn’t quite understand that last equation”, and it’s also about those that did. It’s about those that are blissfully ignorant to the brilliance of what they are studying or those that just don’t understand enough to love it. It’s about those that will go out of their way to teach another, and it’s about those that humble themselves enough to listen and learn. And finally, it’s about those who’ve learnt not to settle for anything other than their own version of extraordinary.

Why is it about these people? Well, because at one point or another, I, Ciarán McEvoy, was one of these people.

New designs added to the collection every now and again…

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